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Reggie Scott Young's


Academic and Scholarly Publications and Activities:


Recent Critical Essays in Edited Volumes, Journals, and Scholarly Reference Works:


“Why Ernest J. Gaines’ ‘Funnest’ Novel (Of Love and Dust) Had to End In Tragedy.” Approaches to Teaching the Novels and Stories of Ernest J. Gaines. Ed. John W. Lowe. New York: MLA. Forthcoming.


“Saints of a Darker Hue in Brenda Marie Osbey’s All Saints. Summoning Our Saints: The Poetry of Brenda Marie Osbey. Ed. John W. Lowe. Baton Rouge: LSU UP. Forthcoming.


“Jeffery Renard Allen: An Introduction. Reggie Scott Young and Dana A. Williams. Obsidian Literary Journal 39.2 - 40.2 (2015): 3-10.


“From ‘Black Vonnegut’ to Pan African Bard, A Discussion: Reggie Scott Young and Jeffery Renard Allen (Interview). Obsidian Literary Journal 39.2 - 40.2 (2015): 27-46.


“Theoretical Influences and Experiential Resemblances: Ernest J. Gaines and Recent Critical Approaches to the Study of African American Fiction.” Contemporary African American Fiction: Critical New Essays. Ed. Dana A. Williams. Columbus: Ohio State UP. 2009. 11-36.


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“Phantom Limbs Dancing Juba Rites in August Wilson’s Joe Turner Come and Gone and The Piano Lesson.” August Wilson, Black Aesthetics, and a New Black Arts Movement. Eds. Sandra G. Shannon and Dana A. Williams. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2004. 129-143.


“The Significance of Our Literary Voices.” Significant Voices: A Series of Readings and Discussions by 20th Century African American Writers. Ed. Kathy Ball. Lafayette, LA, 2002.


“Blues, Righteousness, and a Higher Justice in Ernest J. Gaines’s A Lesson Before Dying.” Interdisciplinary Humanities 17.2 (2001): 147-59. Print.


“Zora Neale Hurston.” Religion in Geschichte und Gengenwart. Postfach (Germany): J.C.B. Mohr Publishing, 2001.


“Black Stereotypes.” Oxford Companion to African American Literature. Ed. William Andrews. New York: Oxford UP, 1997. 698-701.


“On Having a Tradition to Learn From: Literacy, Empowerment, and the African American Literary Tradition.” Literary Influence and African American Writers. Ed. Tracy Mishkin. New York: Garland, 1995. 359-389.


“African American Women Poets.” Oxford Companion to Women’s Writing in the United States. Ed. Cathy Davidson. New York: Oxford UP, 1994. 36-39.



Review Essays and Individual Book Reviews:


Chaotic Justice: Rethinking African American Literary History by John Ernest. Louisiana History Journal 53 (2012): 249-51.


Faithful Vision: Testaments of the Sacred, Spiritual, and Supernatural in Twentieth-Century African American Fiction by James W. Coleman. African American Review 43 (2009): 192-93.


Critical Essays on the Works of John Edgar Wideman, ed. by Bonie TuSmith and Keith Byerman. MELUS 32 (2007): 187-89.


Imagining Grace: Liberating Theologies in the Slave Narrative Tradition by Kimberly Rae Connor.

African American Review. 34 (2000): 710-12.


Paradise by Toni Morrison. The Christian Century 15 March 18-25, 1998: 322-23.



Examples of Papers Given:


“All Saints: Brenda Marie Osbey’s Ex Votos to New Orleans’ Dis/remembered Ancestors.” Furious Flower Conference: Seeding the Future of African American Poetry. James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA, September 25, 2014.


“Discredited Knowledge in the Works of Ernest J. Gaines.” College Language Association,

New Orleans, LA, March 26-29, 2014.


“Louisiana Places and Spaces in Thadious M. Davis’s Southscapes: Geographies of Race, Region, and Literature.” Louisiana Book Festival. Baton Rouge, LA, October 27, 2012.


“Ernest J. Gaines’s Of Love and Dust: The Best Southern Movie Never Made.” Keynote Address. Louisiana Book Festival. Baton Rouge, LA, Oct. 29, 2011.


“Ernest J. Gaines and ‘Those Twenty-Six Letters’ of Influence.” Invited address. State Library of Louisiana, February 4, 2010.


“Lessons from the Spirituals, the Blues, and the Slave Narrative Tradition in Ernest J. Gaines’s A Lesson Before Dying.” Keynote address for Albany, GA, Big Read (NEA), Feb. 2, 2010.


“The Underside of Spiritual: Elements of Sin and Evil in Toni Morrison’s Beloved.” CLA, April 20, 2007, Miami, FL.


“The People On Board ‘Tis the Old Ship of Zion’: Ritual, Revival, and Reconciliation in James Baldwin’s ‘Sonny’s Blues.’ MELUS, March 23, 2007. Fresno, CA.


“The Mojo/Kente Colored Aesthetics of Sterling D. Plumpp.” M/MLA, November 10, 2006, Chicago, IL.


“Gwendolyn Brooks’s Satin-Legs Smith: Secular Rites and Blues Revivals of a Bronzeville Native Son.” Furious Flower: Furious Flower Poetry Conference, September 23, 2004, James Madison University.


 “The Work of Play and Play of Work in Charles Fuller’s A Soldier’s Play and August Wilson’s Fences.” MLA, December 30, 2004, San Deigo, CA.


Writers’ Panel: Conference of the Society for the Study of John Edgar Wideman. October 10, 2003, University of Pennsylvania.


“‘Love’ and the Ground on Which We Stand: August Wilson’s Black Aesthetic Manifesto and the ‘Black Canon’ Debate.” CLA, April 24, 2003, Washington, DC.


 “Bamboozling or Bamboozled? Race, Critical Authority, and the New Millennium American Cinema as a Monster’s Ball.” 28th Conference on Literature and Film. January 31, 2003, Florida State University.


 “‘Marvelous’ Spiritual Realism and Resurrecting Henry Dumas from the Dead.” MELUS, April 5, 2002, Seattle, WA.


“Saints of a Darker Hue in Brenda Marie Osbey’s All Saints.” Society for the Study of Southern Literature, March 14, 2002. Lafayette, LA.


“‘From Goat Paths in Africa’ to Dixie Pikes: Sandy Jenkins and the Roots of Spiritual Realism in Contemporary African American Expressive Works.” MLA, December 28, 2001. New Orleans, LA.


“Righteous Resistance and Spiritual Realism in Ernest Gaines’s Fiction.” National Association of Humanities Educators, March 5, 2001, Portland, OR.


“Healing Through the Telling of Old Stories: Migrating Blues Narratives in August Wilson’s The Piano Lesson.” Narrative Conference, April 6, 2000, Atlanta, GA.


“Blues, Righteousness, and a Higher Justice in Ernest Gaines’s A Lesson Before Dying.” MELUS, March 9, 2000, New Orleans, LA.


“Blues Narratives in Gwendolyn Brooks’ Poetry.” MLA, December 29, 1999, Chicago, IL.


 “A Day in the Life of a Bronzeville Man: Secular Rites and Blues Affirmation in Gwendolyn Brooks’s ‘The Sundays of Satin-Legs Smith’.” The Erasmus Institute, November 8, 1999, Notre Dame.


 “Spiritual Realism in August Wilson’s Joe Turner Come and Gone and The Piano Lesson.” MLA, December 29, 1997, Toronto, Ont.


“‘Hysterical Ties’ Which Do Not Always Bind: Brooks’ Satin-Legs Smith as a Revision of the Bronzeville ‘Native Son’ Figure.” CLA, April 12, 1996, Winston-Salem, NC.


“Spiritual Realism, the African Continuum, and the Preservation of Family in Dash’s Daughters of the Dust and Burnett’s To Sleep With Anger.” MLA, December 29, 1995, Chicago, IL.


 “You Can’t Use a Slide Rule to Mend a Bridge of Faith: Techno-Man in the Realm of Spiritual Realism in Naylor’s Mama Day.” CLA, April 21, 1995, Baton Rouge, LA.


 “On Writing Our World into Being.” Fourth Gutenberg Conference on Literacy and Society, State University of New York at Albany, March 19, 1991, Albany, NY.



Panels and Seminars Organized and Chaired:


Poetry Panel featuring Mona Lisa Saloy, Emmy Perez, and Reggie Scott Young. South Central MLA, New Orleans, LA, October 2, 2013.


“Continuing Literary Bloodlines: A Gathering of Ernest J. Gaines Literary Award Recipients.” State Library of Louisiana, October 30, 2010.


“How to Save Your Writer's Sanity in the Madhouse of the Academy” (with Ruth Behar and Norma Cantu). Macondo Workshop, Our Lady of the Lakes University, July 28, 2010.


Oxford American Panel. Louisiana Book Festival, Baton Rouge, LA, October 17, 2009.


“The Legacy of Ernest J. Gaines,” Louisiana Book Festival, Baton Rouge, October 17, 2009.


Special Roundtable on Ernest J. Gaines’s The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman. MLA, December 28, 2008, San Francisco, CA. 


“Reconciling Relatives: Black Male Writers after Ellison.” MLA, December 27, 2002, New York, NY.

“Honoring the Spiritual, the Secular, and the Sublime in the Works of Toni Morrison.” CLA, April 25, 2002, Memphis, TN.

“Teaching August Wilson.” MELUS, April 7, 2002, Seattle, WA.


“Not Magical but Spiritual Realism: Ritual and Renewal in African American Expressive Culture.” MLA, December 29, 1997, Toronto, Ont.



Professional Seminars and Workshops:


Erasmus Institute Summer Seminar on Fiction and Theology. St. Edward’s University, June 5-19, 1999.


Foundations for Integration of Faith and Learning. Wheaton College, 1998-99.


Midwest Faculty Seminar: Toni Morrison’s Beloved. University of Chicago, October 29-31, 1998.



Additional Professional Activities:


Board Member, State of Louisiana Poet Laureate Nominating Committee, 2006-present.


Radio Interview with Judith Meriwether. KRVS, Lafayette, LA, May 5, 2015.


Introduced Keynote Speaker, Natasha Tretheway, South Central MLA, New Orleans, LA, October 3, 2013.


Advisory Editor, CLA Journal, 2012-15.


Referee for critical essays, fiction, and poetry submissions, African American Review, 2005-13.


Writer/Producer, Coming Full Circle: African American Filmmaking from Oscar Micheaux to Tyler Perry (30 minute documentary film). Black History Month Committee, UL Lafayette, 2011.


Organized Reading by Sandra Cisneros for Louisiana Conference on Literature, Language, and Culture, April 10, 2010.


Interviewer (on camera): Sharon Strange Documentary for the Furious Flower documentary series, (University of California Newsreel), September, 2004.


Featured in documentary, Lesson for Living: The Making of A Lesson Before Dying, Summer, 2002,

Gary, IN, Public Broadcasting Station.



Academic Grants, Fellowships, and Awards:


ATLAS Fellowship, Board of Regents, State of Louisiana, 2005-06.

Summer Research Grant, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, 2003.

PEW Evangelical Scholars Award, 2000-2001.

Wheaton College Alumni Association Grant, 1999-2000.

Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program Faculty Award, April 22, 1996.

Educational Assistance Program Outstanding Service Award, University of Illinois at Chicago, 1990.




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