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I'm addicted to morning coffee, not because I like coffee so much, but because hipster coffee shops are the places where I like to go each morning to work.

I like to cook, but that's probably because I like to eat and due to my coffee addiction I can't afford to go eat out.


I'm a Chicago sports fan. Despite the Cubs last year, I am best described as longsuffering.


I like to read, but spend much more time reading about trifling Chicago sports teams on internet news sites than I do reading books. (But hey, I spent a quarter century reading literature for a living, so I think I've earned the right to spend time reading on the latest Bears quarterback controversy.


I love to take long car trips on American highways, especially in the South and West, because America the beautiful along Interstate 55 in Mississippi or Interstate 25 in New Mexico and Colorado is so freaking beautiful. But I know better than to exit and drive along state highways like I did a few weeks ago in Kansas, because there is always the possibility of running into a row of houses with Confederate flags hanging proudly. That day was when I really and truly understood the difference in federal protection and states' rights.


(more to come)





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